The Yine people are also known as ‘Piros’ or ‘Chontaquiros’ although they prefer to be considered ‘Yines’ that in their language has the meaning of ’the true people’. They are known to be excellent travellers and merchants, some have come to regard them as ‘the Phoenicians of the pre-Hispanic Amazonian world’. They can be found in Loreto, Pucallpa, Cusco and Madre de Dios, their current population is approximately 7800 inhabitants.

Their population was decimated during the time of the rubber extraction, like many other ethnic groups, they were enslaved by the "Rubber Men".



Village Life

The role of women is vital within Yine society. The division of the different activities within their community is less differentiated, for example, many women Yine hunt and fish as many men in the community. The women are in charge of maintaining the validity of the rules, ancestral knowledge and identity of their community.

Agriculture & Subsistance

Yine people farm, fish, and raise livestock, particularly cattle. They traditionally used swidden agriculture to grow yuca. Oxfam helped the Yine to secure ownership rights to their traditional farmlands and to develop sustainable farming practices. They grow several varieties of yuca today, as well as medicine plants, such as sangre de grado.

The Spirit World

Activities such as hunting and fishing also enjoy a a sprirtual character and are associated with certain rituals. For example, Yine hunters intake special concoctions the night before an incursion into the jungle; the hunters paint and decorate their faces with geometric designs and colours obtained from dyes of plants with the aim of penetrating with the animals that will be their prey.


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