Business can be better

We believe business can be better. We believe that businesses can go beyond transactional relationships. Just as our methodology of working with indigenous communities is relationship-based rather than commodity-based, so too do we aim to transform the fundamental relationship our store has to our clients.

We don’t want our relationship to you to be transactional, whereby you enter the shop, by an item, and leave. We want the purchase of an item to be the reference point for a relationship based on the premise that we can make the world better, together.

We use our dollars, our actions, our conversations, and everything else we do during the day, to transform the system in which we exist to work better for us all.

Capitalism, and the global system in which we live, is historically and contemporarily the primary driver of exploitation across our planet. Whether we are talking about human communities or the environment, the destruction that we see is largely due to a system whereby one benefits at the detriment of another.

One piece of wisdom we have gleaned from indigenous communities is that everything we do can be, and should be, relational and relationship-based. One of the fundamental reasons business is often exploitative is because it is transactional-based and sees goods as commodities instead of items that are the result of a multiplicity of complex relationships: a relationship between the natural world and the hands who harvested from it, a relationship between the item and the cultural tradition it was born from, a relationship between the producer and the buyer, a relationship between the store and the client.

Xapiri - Indigenous Relationships

At Xapiri, we conduct relationship-based business.

Many people ask us if we are an NGO, nonprofit or other type of organization. The simple answer is no, we are a social enterprise. The more comprehensive answer is a little longer.

We work alongside many nonprofits, and are inspired by and have admiration for the work that many nonprofits do. However, our core belief is that nonprofits exist because our current, global system is built upon unequal power dynamics that are a legacy of colonialism.

Our core belief is that the very existence of nonprofits is necessitated by the fact that our current, global system is a colonial legacy built upon unequal power dynamics. From this vantage point, we can see that nonprofits often fill the role of a bandaid to a wound that really needs surgery.

If individuals, families and communities have access to opportunities for economic prosperity, and those opportunities correspond to activities imbedded within that community’s vision of social and spiritual wellbeing, then in most instances, the services nonprofits provide would be rendered obsolete.

So let's change this together and say tuned for our Xapiri membership soon!