What we do

Xapiri supports Amazonian indigenous culture by unifying ethical art, emotive photography and informative media. The vision is to increase awareness and inspire positive change for the Amazon and its stewards. 

It’s now or never. Time to stand up and fight for what is right. Stop the greed, exploitation and extraction. United with the indigenous people, we must defend the Amazon rainforest: for this is to protect life, culture and our future. It’s time to change.

Xapiri is an art gallery, shop, and cultural platform dedicated to supporting indigenous communities in the Amazon. We focus on the intersection of art, culture and economic opportunity to bolster the cultural integrity of indigenous communities. Based in Cusco, Peru, we work with 10 ethnic groups spread across the Amazon. Learn more about the ethnic groups we work with here.

Xapiri Art Gallery Cusco Peru

 Our store, art gallery, and hub of operations is located in the heart of Cusco. The only space of its kind in the country, Xapiri is more than just a fair-trade shop. Designed to be a community-centered and -driven cultural hub, Xapiri is a place where people from all backgrounds can come to learn from, share, and be inspired by the diverse cultures that call the Amazon home.

Xapiri hosts cultural events, workshops and lectures in our space so that people can deepen their knowledge, understanding and connection to this vastly imperative, and yet increasingly threatened, area of the world.

The hope is that we draw you in through the beauty of our Amazonian art, but that you leave with more than just a physical item. We want every person who enters the shop to leave feeling that they have a personal connection to the Amazon itself, and from that, a growing obligation to protect and advocate for it.

Shipibo Expo in Xapiri