Animals, Hyperdiversity & Amazonia

Animals, Hyperdiversity & Amazonia

XAPIRI Presents:

Forgotten Frontiers: Animals, Hyperdiversity & Amazonia

With BBC wildlife presenter Ross Piper

The rainforest still hides many secrets waiting to be discovered. Luckily, there are people whose job is to find these secrets. Take a closer look at the Amazon’s tiniest creatures with zoologist, author and BBC Wildlife presenter Dr. Ross Piper.

Providing stunning micro-photographs, he will take the audience deep into the rainforest to enjoy close-up views of creatures in their natural environment that are often invisible to the naked eye.

Free! || All ages || English spoken

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Ross Piper Xapiri
Ross Piper at Xapiri, Cusco - Peru
Ross Piper BBC at Xapiri in Peru
Ross Piper BBC at the Xapiri gallery in Cusco, Peru
Juan Zuniga (Novalis) chatting with Ross Piper (BBC)
Jack Wheeler (Xapiri), Ross Piper (BBC), Juan Zuniga (Novalis)
Ross Piper - Xapiri event, May 208