Araweté - ‘ The River is Life! ’

Araweté - ‘ The River is Life! ’

Photography Exhibition - ‘ The River is Life! ’ by Alice Kohler.

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The photographer, Alice Kohler, has been visiting the Araweté people for the past 11 years as well as other ethnics in the Xingu region, where she spends her time as a volunteer, recording information on the indigenous people, their way of life and the surrounding nature. 

The aim of this exhibition is to raise awareness for the social and environmental consequences caused by the recently finished and 3rd largest hydroelectric dam in the world, Belo Monte, located on the Xingu river in the Brazilian Amazon. 

The Xingu region is an area extremely rich in biological and ethnic diversity. The impacts from Belo Monte have reached 11 different indigenous groups and now a huge new mining project, Belo Sun, threatens more damage. 

The exhibition focuses on the Araweté people, a hunter and gatherer tribe of around 500 people who live on the banks of the Ipixuna, a right bank tributary to the Xingu river.
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