An Evening with Dennis McKenna

An Evening with Dennis McKenna
7.00pm, Sunday 28th January - Xapiri Gallery, Cusco
45 years with the Sacred Vine

Dennis McKenna and his brother Terence first came to S. America in 1971. Their unexpected adventures in pursuit of exotic psychedelics led to some surprising discoveries recounted in Terence’s book, True Hallucinations, and Dennis’ 2012 memoir, The Brotherhood of the Screaming Abyss. In 1981, Dennis returned to Peru, this time as a graduate student, and began his scientific investigations of ayahuasca, that continue to this day as a professional and personal passion. In this lecture, Dennis tells the tale of an unusual life lived in the shadow (or perhaps the light) of this mysterious and beautiful medicine.

Dennis McKenna Xapiri Event
Jack Wheeler & Dennis McKenna Xapiri
Melanie Dizon in Xapiri
Dennis McKenna Xapiri
Melanie Dizon, Jack Wheeler, Cassandra in Xapiri
Juan Zuniga & Dennis McKenna